Founded 2010
Sins of a Madman 
(America's premier Ozzy Osbourne tribute band)
is a live spectacular show celebrating over 30's years of music and concerts from the Prince of darkness Ozzy Osbourne. They have been called the Ultimate Ozzy Osbourne experience. Sins of a Madman transports the audience on a musical journey through the golden era of Ozzy's career. They capture the sound and look of an Ozzy Osbourne concert in his prime ,"Sins of a Madman" cranks out lethal mix of killer guitar riffs, kick ass drumming, booming bass and balls-out Rock & Roll intensity. From the Black Sabbath era through the Randy Rhoads, Jake E. Lee, Zakk Wylde era till present day. The band is quickly becoming the favorite for the celebrity set, corporations, festivals, casinos, private events, concert venues, as well as intimate club settings. Sins of a Madman is sure to make your event a success and leave all of your guests feeling elated. Their high energetic stage performance combined with their unbelievable concert sound makes them "America's Premiere Ozzy Osbourne Tribute Band".
​DATE                  VENUE                                          ADDRESS 

11/09/2018            LIBRARY SPORTS PUB & GRILL     42705 GRAND RIVER AVE                     NOVI, MI