I am a piano player, not pianist...I was classically trained but don't play classical. I can, but I don't. I love darkness, melancholy melodies, minor chords, things that make you feel something. Chord progressions that can cause the heart to swell or break in a moment's time. I'm a singer as well. I write and perform my own songs anywhere and everywhere. I don't do many covers, by choice. It's just not me. How I connect with my audience is through my life, my pain, my stories. They are all honest, if sometimes harsh, but mine. Music is who I am. I have played in many bands, all Michigan based, countless live shows at bars, coffeehouses, parties, done studio work for Yessian Music, toured the country, and I have a certificate from Guinness for helping to break a world record.....maybe 2 of them by the time people start reading this. I am an entertainer, tattoo artist, and a lot of other things, but really, I'm just me. Music is life, life is music.