After many years in the early nineties playing all the best venues and nightclubs in the lower Michigan and Ohio areas, Stonecage traded his bass guitar equipment for a P/A (sound system) and started learning the art of singing. He spent the next 3 years singing 5 to 6 hours a day learning how to imitate the best Rock and Metal singers, (Robert Plant, John Lennon, Cris Cornell, Alice Cooper, Rob Halford and Ozzy Osbourne, to name a few) in the sound studio on the north side of his Ranch house in S. Rockwood, Michigan. He then joined a cover band and began his singing career performing a wide variety of singing styles. The guys in that band, like him, were all Ozzy fans, so naturally they played many Black Sabbath and Ozzy songs in their set. After a while, he developed a reputation for being able to sing Ozzy songs like no one else. Everywhere he went locally, he would be asked to sit in with the band and "sing some OZZY". He continued playing the local circuit and after a short stint as the singer for a Led Zeppelin tribute band (Getting the Led Out), the opportunity arose to join a Black Sabbath tribute band in it's early stages. He designed a few Ozzy outfits and studied every live video of Ozzy and Black Sabbath he could get his hands on. He learned all the classic Ozzy stage antics, combining the early era of Ozzy in the 70's with the 80's version of Ozzy. For the next 5 years he fine tuned his Ozzy show while performing hundreds of shows all over Michigan and Ohio. Having mastered every Black Sabbath song Ozzy ever recorded, Stonecage knew it was time to take the next step and upgrade to an allout Ozzy tribute band. He recruited Terry and Troy (who had played with him in the Black Sabbath tribute band) to play bass and drums and after an exhaustive search, he managed to find the best guitar player East of the of the Mississippi, Mr. David Hicks, a Randy Rhoads prodigy! Stonecage, the frontman for Sins of a Madman, combined with his three highly skilled bandmates, are the best sounding Ozzy tribute in America!