Voted best tribute band in Michigan (2015)
by the Tiny and the Plankman show!!!!!!!

"These guys are really good! I was really impressed with there show!" Kelle Rhoads (Randy Rhoads brother)

"One of the best Ozzy tributes I've ever witnessed. Sins Of Madman does not disappoint, top notch show every time" - Howie D. - Hard Edge radio show

"These guys are the Real Deal. Sounds just like Ozzy! The whole show they put on was Awesome! Best Ozzy tribute I've seen yet!" 
Doug Podel (WCXS radio in Detroit) 

"If I close my eyes it sounds like Ozzy if I open my eyes he looks like Ozzy!! Hands down best Ozzy tribute period!!!!!" John Bobby (The Mayhem radio show in Detroit)

"These guys are Awesome! Best Ozzy tribute I've seen yet!" Kelli Garni (Randy Rhoads best friend and former Quiet Riot bassist)

"Sins of a Madman are by far the best Ozzy tribute I have seen!"  Darian Counts (Founder and editor of Detroit live magazine) 

"These guys are great, really enjoyed there show...Brilliant!" Tammy Forward (Highschool friend of Randy Rhoads)  

"These guys are unbelievable! Love this band, sounds just like Ozzy with a stellar stage show!"
Tim Cook (Tiny and the Plankman show

"One of my favorite bands, I had them play at my birthday bash, they were my first choice!"
Tim Cook (Tiny and the Plankman show