Born in Nashville, Tenn. Raised in New Baltimore, Michigan, Terry started playing guitar at age 11, he was self taught. At age 14 he got his first bass guitar and bass amp, a Fender P bass and Fender Bassman 100. There was hundreds of guitar players and they where all looking for a bass player, So he switched to bass, knowing he would have his pick of musicians or bands. In Jr. High school he played in a band called Magnum Force. His influences back then were Sabbath, Zeppelin, Kiss, Nugget, Rush, and Iron Maiden. In the early 80s he started getting into more of the under ground heavier stuff, even a little punk rock. In 1982 he joined a metal band called Beast. They recorded 5 albums and were featured in a metal magazine called Metal Forces out of England. There music was played all over radio stations in Europe and South America. In 1987 he joined a Hair metal band called Vamperilla. The singer looked and sounded a lot like Paul Stanley of Kiss, so in 89 they started a Kiss tribute called Kiss'D. They toured the US for a year. While on tour he met a singer in Oklahoma city that looked and sounded a lot like Ozzy. Kiss'D was falling apart at the time, so he hooked up with the singer from Ok and in 1990 they started a Ozzy/Sabbath tribute called Mr.Crowley. They toured the US and Canada for 3 years. Then in 1994 he took some time off from music and went to work at Ford. Where he is still employed today. But music is in his blood so in 1996 he joined forces with old band mates from Beast and started a cover band called Slo Circle. 

In 2000 he took another break from music until 2003 when he regrouped with ex Kiss'D drummer and some other friends and started another cover band "Work In Progress" to which he still plays shows off and on with. 

In 2007 he came across a Black Sabbath tribute called Banned From E.A.R.T.H. He started talking to the guitarist and told him about my past with Mr.Crowley. At the time, B.F.E.were looking for a new bass player. When he went to the first rehearsal he was surprised to find he had a past with the singer Stonecage . While playing in Kiss'D, He play a bunch of shows with Dirty Deeds, an AC/DC tribute band from Detroit whom Stonecage was playing bass for at the time. The 2 had become friends for a while, but loss touch for the next 15 or so years, this was the 1st time they saw each other in nearly 2 decades. 

After a few years with Banned From E.A.R.T.H, .things started getting played out, so together with Stonecage,Troy and an amazing guitar player named David Hicks, he formed. Sins Of A Madman 

In his words "I am very proud to be the bass player for this band. It's been one Hell of a ride. The music is in my blood and in my soul. Thank you to all my friends and fans that has supported my bands and I hope you continue enjoying and supporting Sins of a Madman"!!!