26 years in the making.  He was 14 years old when he started playing drums.  He learned how to play by watching other drummers, beating on the floor and my knees.  Started on boxes then bought his first drum set-all snare drums tuned differently, Then a CB700 set 5 piece Pearl with a separate bass drum.  He soon formed a band called “Vvoyd Bhlak” with three buddies and played parties (all originals, having never played covers)  Then joined Youth Corpse and stomped all over Michigan.  After that he played in a band called “Fade” which was Short lived. He rejoined Youth Corpse and played concert clubs all over Michigan, his favorites were  big concert halls like Harpos, Center stage ect.   Then he joined Banned from Earth in 2006, a Black Sabbath tribute.  Out of that came Sins of a Madman featuring Terry and Stonecage who where his bandmates in the Black Sabbath tribute!  He loves playing Ozzy songs-"it’s the epitome of Metal".  Many of his influences come from, bands like Sepultura, Slayer, old Metallica, Megadeth, Death, Gorguts, Cannibal Corpse.  Heavy bands like that.  Now that he is older, he appreciates the pocket style and intricate parts to songs like “You Can’t Kill Rock N Roll” or “Diary of a Madman”.  He loves playing in this band and the guys are like brothers.